Meet the amazing crew working backstage to make everything Creative Labs does possible.

Executive Board

Emmy Cao

Talk to me about my two passions in life-the State of Maryland and Hollow Knight

Justine Du

Justine's a 3rd year Cognitive Science major, avid napper, and the biggest strawberry hater. Ask her about her transition from Piano Performance to Product Design! 🙆‍♀️


Bryan Pan

Bryan is a coffee snob who just so happens to code on the side. When he isn't daydreaming about things he can't afford, Bryan struggles to comprehend the meaning of life. And he eats chips.

Kailey Nichols

Kailey is a second year Cognitive Science major who loves all things design, food and lacrosse. She doesn’t have a kitchen, but still manages to cook/bake almost weekly and spends her free time at Trader Joe’s

Steven La

Steven isn't a great designer, but he can code a thing or two. He's incredibly human and enjoys intentional conversations, loud music, and bustling cities.

Sarah Cai

Sarah is a second year Computer Science major who loves all kinds of puzzles. She also likes long walks, movies, and the color yellow.

Jessica Lam

Jessica (or Jess!)- a girl with a lotta love for product, art & design, and the people around her. And comics.

Sam Chai

Sam Chai is a product designer who likes drawing babes. Check out her portfolio for the curvy shawties.

Michael Yu

Michael is a nice fellow who likes parks, libraries, balconies, and chicken shawarma among other things.

Rohan Kumar

Rohan is social media enthusiast. He loves strawberries and all other fruits. His life goal is to go virtual on Tik Tok. He is a 4th year, Cognitive Science Major.

Sydnie So

Sydnie is a fourth year hoping to find a career that bridges her love for the arts and helping others. She loves playing marimba and guitar and also loves to cook and bake.

Justin Liu

Jliu is a senior. He's done a few things at UCLA over the past few years, mainly around design. He's a pretty huge fan of good animation and bad analogies.

Kali Brinas

Kali enjoys routinely making the trek to Wanderlust creamery for vegan ice cream. She is a product design intern on the side.

Nikhil Malhotra

Nikhil is a second year CS and Econ student who loves working on cool and interesting projects. His two favorite pastimes are netflix and sleeping. His least favorite is walking up the hill.

Nick Vargas

Nick Vargas loves music, being outside and trying new things. Big dipnmix fan because crepes are great. He’s an Electrical Engineer that codes and makes things.

Vivi Li

Vivi is a product designer and an event planner. She likes people, sunshine, and food. Sometimes, she can be really shy. There are always two questions swirling in her head: “what is the meaning of my life” and “what should I eat after this class”.

Maggie Ching

Maggie is a second-year cognitive science major who loves cool designs and illustrations. If not designing, she is either lurking on tech twitter or napping.

Don Le

Don is 3rd year CS student. He loves making cool things, especially products that connect people. He's also a terrible cook.